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Dia De La Pesca Extreme Hoodie

This 7 Day Addiction Shirt is 92% Performance Polyester and 8% Spandex.  SPF protection and an amazing comfort. This has an integrated perforated mask with perforated side rib material and under sleeve mesh. This design was inspired by the Dia De los Muertos Celebration. This holiday remembers the life of the loved ones that have past away.  This day is to celebrate and remember their lives.  We took that concept and put a twist to it.  The sugar skull shows a Tx Slam of a Redfish, Trout, and flounder.  The skull is a reminder of not the fish we catch, but of the memories and stories these fishing trips create.  The sleeve has the phrase "REMEMBER THE TALES".  This phrase reminds us of what fishing is all about, remembering not only the actual tails, but the tales that will be told for years to come.